A message from Bob Wishon, owner, operator

Hello fellow cyclist, my name is Bob Wishon and I would like to introduce you to a new camping experience. As an avid bike rider I have traveled up and down and all around this great country, only to find that there are very few accommodations for motorcyclist and bicyclist alike. Those that are available are seriously lacking in hospitality and touring value. At a regular campground, riders are either unwelcome, pay more than they should, or simply have to get a hotel or motel room.

That's why I started CYCLE CAMP. A camp designed exclusively for the cyclist. We cater to the two wheeled traveler ONLY.  Don't fret too much, although restricted from the campgrounds, support vehicle parking is available. 
(All makes, models,
customs, stock,
fully dressed,
bare boned beaters,
one cylinder or 10 cylinders, trikes, bikes, mopeds and bicycles!)

Come one, come all!!

Welcome to Cycle Camp Inc.
  1071 Mora Rd.  
  Forks, WA Phone: 360-374-8665
For a unique camping experience, we offer Tee Pee's, tent cabins as well as regular "pitch a tent" sites with fire rings. Different levels of comfort, prices and adventure. All riders are welcomed and encouraged to mingle at the "Group" fire pit. Bathrooms are available and pets are allowed. Prices are reasonable, contact to us to chat about pricing..

I chose the Washington peninsula area for it's hospitality and tourism value. It is one of the great spiritual places of the world and the people are just plain great. The local Makah tribe are very friendly and are more than happy to share their rich coastal heritage with you. For an enriching time, make sure you visit them. Their reservation is just down the road. Also known to make the best smoked salmon in the area. A taste experience you won't soon forget!

Then there is the fishing. Rainbow trout, sea run cutthroat, fighting steelhead and king salmon. The beaches and sea stacks are awesome. A day outing could even include a trip into Canada. Local Olympic Peninsula area recreation also includes boating, swimming, kayaking, plane rentals, horse back riding and even Llama treks! There are plenty of excellent places to eat, hope you like home cooking! The surrounding areas hold local events for the entire family and are scheduled all year round.Well....enough talk. I'm jumping on my ride and heading there now.

At CYCLE CAMP you will enjoy one of the most beautiful places in the country, the Olympic Peninsula. Hike spectacular trails to mountain peaks and waterfalls. Enjoy a picnic in a spectrum of wildflowers. The Olympic National park and the HOH Rainforest offer plenty of scenic trails and backroads to explore. Here you will find an abundance of wildlife such as elk, deer and bear. The American Bald Eagle and the Golden Eagle reside in these mountains as well...an animal lovers-bird watching paradise.
August 20th - 22nd, 2021