(All makes, models,
customs, stock,
fully dressed,
bare boned beaters,
one cylinder or 10 cylinders, trikes, bikes, mopeds and bicycles!)

Come one, come all!!

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We had 10 great years hosting the Rainforest Run and we realized we don't want it to end!

We will be scaling back from previous years because we are getting too old to plan all this stuff!.  We will not be selling T shirts, there won't be pins.  There is no Run. We won't be advertising. 

What we will have is free camping, Live music Friday and Saturday, a scaled down food vendor (think hot dogs and burgers etc).  There will be lots of fun people, the giant fire pit and all the fun you have come to expect from the Rainforest Run.

If you have never been to the run, or you have come every year, all are welcome!

All events take place at Cycle Camp.

Also, Cycle Camp is currently open for camping!  Come visit!
August 20th - 22nd, 2021
​Are you ready for the 4th Annual Rainforest Run Anniversary Weekend???